Breast Self Examination

This is a method whereby, a woman examines her breasts herself regularly, once a month.  Initially, this should be done on the day that her periods get over.  Later, as she achieves menopause, this examination can be done on anyone fixed day of the month. The woman is taught how to conduct this examination by her attending doctor.

The entire breast is examined in a systematic manner, starting at the 12 o’clock position, working around the breasts like the hands of a clock, feeling for any lumps or areas of pain. The hands move in ever-widening circles covering the entire breast and the nipple-areola complex as well as the region of the armpit. One also checks for any discharge from the nipples.

Getting acquainted with the normal feel of the breast helps the woman to pick up what is abnormal and report to a trained person earlier for appropriate action to be taken.