Problems associated with the nipple

A supernumerary nipple is a condition in which a nipple may be duplicated.

Nipple retraction may occur at puberty or later on in life. If it happens at puberty, it may cause problems during breastfeeding and lactation. As the baby is not able to latch onto the nipple, it may cause retention of the secretions, mastitis and abscess formation.

Recent retraction of the nipple happening later on in life may be because of tethering due to an underlying carcinoma and needs to be aggressively investigated and treated.

Paget’s disease of the nipple is a condition in which there is ulceration of the nipple along with itching and discharge. It is a superficial sign of an underlying breast carcinoma due to the presence of malignant cells in the subdermal layer of the nipple. A biopsy is diagnostic.