Urinary Tract Infections

Patients present with frequency and urgency while passing urine with a feeling of incomplete evacuation of urine. In severe cases, patients may have blood in urine called haematuria as well as fever.

Patients need to be thoroughly investigated to pinpoint the exact source of the infection. The investigations required are Complete blood Count to quantify the infection, Urine routine and microscopic and culture with antibiotic sensitivity to identify the causative organism and to know the exact antibiotic to use, Blood sugar estimation to rule out diabetes mellitus, Serum Creatinine and Blood urea nitrogen to know the renal function, Urinary tract sonography and a Kidney, ureter and bladder Xray to look for any abnormalities including calculi or stones.

General treatment measures include intake of plenty of fluids, and treatment of fever if any. Specific treatment includes antibiotics after considering the sensitivity report.