Cellulitis is the non-suppurative infection of the tissues. All signs of inflammation are present in the form of redness, swelling, increased temperature and pain on pressure but there isn’t pus formation. It is caused following some infection or trauma. An uncontrolled infection will lead to tissue destruction, gangrene, and ulceration. The release of toxins into the bloodstream in case of severe infection will cause toxemia and if inadequately treated can lead to multi-organ involvement and subsequent failure.


Treatment comprises of rest, local treatment with compresses of glycerine and Magnesium sulfate, high-grade antibiotics by the intravenous route and control of associated conditions like diabetes. Sometimes, patients may require surgical intervention in the form of release incisions in the affected area to let the toxin-containing infected fluid out of the system. Wounds so formed need to undergo regular dressings till they heal.